Ordering System Scheduler Professional

First, please choose the license type you wish to purchase from the drop-down list and enter the quantity. Then click the Next button to proceed to the payment method page.

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We have several payment methods available. It is fastest to pay online using a credit card, though payment via purchase order and invoice is also acceptable. You can see a list of all the supported payment methods when you click the 'Next - Choose Payment Method Button'.

Note: System Scheduler Professional Licenses are provided electronically via email, instructions on downloading and installing are contained in the email.

All software licenses are Perpetual Licenses, you only pay once and can keep the software for as long as you wish. Do you NOT have to pay monthly or yearly.

License Types

License Type


Standard License

A standard license permits you to run System Scheduler Professional on one computer only. If you need to run on more than one computer you should purchase more standard licenses, or consider Site or Enterprise licenses.

Quantity Discounts are available, if you purchase more than 5 standard licenses you immediately receive 10% discount.

Site License

A Site license permits you to run System Scheduler Professional on as many computers as you wish within a single Site. A Site is defined as a location owned by a single organisation and serviced by a single postal address. (e.g a University campus could very well be considered a Site, although there are multiple buildings, this is usually one organisation serviced by one postal address).

Enterprise License

An Enterprise license permits one organisation to run System Scheduler Professional across as many of its sites and as many its PC's as it wishes. (e.g. a Supermarket Chain would require an Enterprise license to cover all of its PC's across all its sites).