iDailyDiary Dictionaries

iDailyDiary Professional includes a third-party spell-checker and thesaurus from Addictive Software. It also includes Live Spelling, so incorrectly spelled works are underlined as you type. You can switch off this feature through 'View - Preferences', choose 'Tabs' and un-tick the option that says 'Check spelling of words as you type'.

Below are some of the more well known language files available from Addictive. These should be installed in the iDailyDiary \Spelling sub-folder.

Bullet English - US ·Download·
Bullet English - UK ·Download·
Bullet English - Australian ·Download·
Bullet Dutch ·Download·
Bullet French ·Download·
Bullet German - Old ·Download·
Bullet German - New ·Download·
Bullet Italian ·Download·
Bullet Danish ·Download·
Bullet Spanish ·Download·

iDailyDiary Languages

You can change the default language that iDailyDiary uses for its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Go to the View - Preferences menu, then choose the Language option. You can choose the language from the list and click Apply, iDailyDiary will update the GUI to the new language.

iDailyDiary automatically displays month and day names in the language of the local computer. To change the local language of the computer in MS Windows go to Start - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options, or if you prefer iDailyDiary to ignore the local computer regional settings and always display months and days in English you can set this through View - Preferences - Date and Time.

Below are the languages iDailyDiary has available. The language files are stored in the iDailyDiary \Language sub-folder, if you don't have a particular language installed or want to update to the latest version you can download it below.

Bullet Chinese (Simplified) Contributed by T. Y. Lee / M. Seto. ·Download·
Bullet Chinese (Traditional) Contributed by M. Seto. ·Download·
Bullet Dutch Contributed by Nora Ghaoui and M. Wassens ·Download·
Bullet French Contributed by S. Pierrard. ·Download·
Bullet German Contributed by K. Linnow. ·Download·
Bullet Italian Contributed by Luca Cassioli. ·Download·
Bullet Turkish Contributed by U. Madran. ·Download·
Bullet Japanese Contributed by SHU. ·Download·
Bullet Danish Contributed by S. Gabriel. ·Download·
Bullet Spanish Contributed by E. Ciancaglini. ·Download·
Bullet Polish Contributed by Zbipan Legionowo. ·Download·
Bullet Hebrew Contributed by R. Vinner. ·Download·
Bullet Hungarian Contributed by T. Kornyei. ·Download·
Bullet Swedish Contributed by M. Nilsson. ·Download·
Bullet Macedonian Contributed by V. Kockovski. ·Download·
Bullet Albanian Contributed by F. Bestar. ·Download·
Bullet Slovenian Contributed by B. Bensa. ·Download·
Bullet Portuguese (Brazillian) Contributed by P. Neto. ·Download·